In digital technology, a walled garden represents a self-contained environment that limits existence or possibility outside of its defined boundaries. This secluded space prevents interaction between what is inside and outside. I think about my upbringing in Miami, Florida as within and around walled gardens; a city of isolated homes and neighborhoods divided by blocks of pavement, lined with privacy bushes, concrete walls, and wooden fences. Beauty, security, and abundance remain secluded and divided, resulting in public spaces characterized by bare pavement, litter, and shadows cast by a hot sun. Fences, walls, and rows of trees provide grids and a structure of comfort, security, and abundance, but also isolate and deplete the spaces they exist in. The outer limits of farms and industry push the original landscape further into the margins. 
In this exhibition, I gather new and existing works that illustrate the precarious symbol of the walled garden. Kinetic paper fences call attention to the uncertain boundaries of built and grown barriers. Dimensional paintings and cut paper find a shadowy hollowness through their steady monoculture repetition. Almost imperceptible, a background figure stands in the margins. In the context of a changing climate, this body of work calls into question the visual structures of the walled garden, the spaces it surrounds, and the security it may fail to deliver.
Walled Gardens was on display at Roberta's Art Gallery (University of Wisconsin–Whitewater), March 23–April 25, 2023.
A large format photograph of a tall ficus shrub, with a negative space of fence cut out. The print is hanging off the wall, and the spacing between the fence allows the different segments of the fence to flow with the ambient wind.

Ficus Fence
Cut inkjet on heavyweight paper, fan | 71” x 41” x 1” | 2023

A time-lapse photo of a kinetic sculpture of a black banana plant behind a fence, resting in the corner of the gallery. The fan (hidden behind the fence) agitates the leaves.

Conditioned Banana
Cut tyvek paper, graphite, wire, wood, foam board, fan | 90” x 96” x 48” | 2023

A hexagonal painting depicting a palm tree plantation from the vantage points of front, back, left, right, top, and bottom. The palm trees are black and grey silhouettes, abstracted like shadows.

Palm Projection
Acrylic and graphite on canvas | 36" x 41.5" x .75" | 2022

A shaped canvas depicting three palm trees casting shadows along the corner of a wall. The painting appears to be 3-dimensional, but exists on a flat surface in the shape of a chevron.

Palm Projection II
Acrylic and graphite on canvas | 48" x 43.5" x .75" | 2023

A large-format image of a palm tree plantation in a gallery. The first row of trees has been cut out, and is falling on the floor, creating a black, physical shadow in the gallery.

Palm Plantation Shadows
Cut inkjet on heavyweight tyvek paper, acrylic | 71” x 41” x 24” | 2023

A camouflaged figure blends into a wall covered in textured and abstracted white tropic foliage.

Ghillie Suit (front)
Cut tyvek paper, cotton mesh | 20" x 12" x 70" | 2021

Tropic IV/hojas (behind)
Cut paper | 120” x 120” x 4” (reconfigurable size) | 2017

Overview photo of the Walled Gardens exhibition in Roberta's Art Gallery. There are two paintings on the left, and two kinetic paper sculptures on the right.
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