An illustrator brings ideas to light through gestures of the hand, and the illustration distills information into a simple series of gestures—lines. The line is a universal form that connects, separates, and defines. When used in succession, lines become the basis of visual and textual languages. Lines are the limits that compress our three-dimensional spaces into two dimensions.
My work illustrates imagined spaces through materials that follow a linear gesture: bent neon, digital bezier curves, and welded steel. Landscapes, movement, and emotions become sculptural illustrations that read with contradicting depth and flatness. From this complex relationship, I seek to expand the possibilities of visual encoding and ever-changing optical effects in sculptural light
Ben Orozco is a neon artist, graphic designer, and illustrator based in Madison, Wisconsin. He uses the graphic tendency of neon and traditional signmaking techniques to explore language, perception, and his environment. He is currently studying Glass and Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for his Bachelors of Fine Arts.
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